Thursday, December 2, 2010


salam..yesterday was my speaking test! i felt lost when i heard so! i know im the one who are the weeker student in dying! im lost in mood...what the!! then miss afni was call my group..oouuu!! i hate! i hate! thank to topic was easier than mc laa`s was about the custom of malaysians...and i remember what mira told me last tuesday..just say what you want to say...and im try to break the ice that make me so lost! im just said what in my mind without consider my gramaticaly error...i was the last candidate in my group..firstly i saw ain`s presentation..superb~~ she was perfect! thats make me so lost..n then adlin turn...she was a little nervous..n she was blur...omg! thas make my knee shaking heart beat faster than never! if adlin was was my presentation..?? worst that her...!! then pass to hafiz..hafiz had a lot of point..then MY TURN!! i try to calm down..said what was in my mind..without refering the text..spontaneously..when turn in arguing segment i perform as i can..done as im done in muet exam last month..lastly miss afni was comment on our perfomances...ain was good..adlin must improveher perfomances and same to smiled...u r improved a lot..what are u doing during ur sem break? im just smiled..n i told her that im just practised what zaim told the english newspaper..finally im heard the commendation by my lecturer...thanxx mission is to improve more in what mira told me..ur not fool but ur lazy! if they can do! i also can do it!!

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  1. i want to be like u,,
    mira is true dat we are not stupid but lazy,,,
    eina i hope u will be my icon,,,
    n inshallah i will follow your steps to achieve our dreams!!!!