Sunday, December 26, 2010

mid sem break!

assalamualaikum...hey..auwww! im having my mid sem break now! i like it!! having the time with my lovely family act put me in good mood...i love my family more than i love my self..4 family is the most important! arrived at my hometown on friday with my him so much! :) ehemm...i was thankful cz my assignment are almost complete! 3 nite in a rows! i had complete my assignment! i hope i will do the best 4 dis sem ! since im not perfect in last sem! act i want to tell u something..there was a bitter experience to me...i store my luggage at the luggage storage at sp bus station..i don know about their just stored n went to cs while waiting my hubby from penang...after having lunch with my hubby we are back to take my shocked when the aunty who handle luggage storage service mad at me...she ask the number of my luggage! im shocked! her husband didnt gave me any number...and i was blurring when that aunty mad at me! then her son try to cool down her...i was shocked cz i was polite with her n then she suddenly scold at me...well..i tried to smile at sad and dissapointed...ok enough bout that! thats story really put me in bad mood! hem...arrived at home at 9 pm..n went to my aunty house cz my grandma want to see me..gud news! she gave me 3 present from the Holy Lond..Makkah..I got the small Qoran like a necklace la...n then bracelet n tasbih...first time i got so happy..then yesterday im having a nice day with my tween..amalina..i miss her like crazy..we hang out and as usual im always did the joke..n we are laughed like hantu! haha...such a nice n happy moment with her! and the most important she treated me prosperity! yeah! i love it...well...her place cannot be replace by anyone! only her are my lovely bestie!ama i love u so much! i want to apologized cz my english was im trying to improve my language...

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