Saturday, December 18, 2010

scary,i hate it,but actually it si a challenge!

assalamualaikum...hye...eina in de house! well...quite long im not in blogging far i think from this life...well..its bcoz im too bz with the assignments and etc..fiuhhh!!! i have many things,stories and gossips to share with u alls!
first thing...yesterday i got a date with my hubby...lovely date..although now we are bz with our study but thats not the reasons to get far away from him ok! he`s my life ok! exactly i cannot live without him! obviously! n then a part from that he`s the only man in my life who cannot be replace! i love him like crazy...oppss!! enough with my love story! hemmm...but wait! i want to tell u that we are spend a very lovely day yesterday..thank to Allah,my dad safely out from was bcoz he was to tired with then kenduri..n i was so sad when my mom told me yesterday that my dad was in hospital..sad bcoz it had been 2 days since my dad in hospital,but my mom only tell me yesterday after 2 days..i know my mom`s intention,she dont want me to get upset n keeping thinking about my dads health..but the reality is! i was to upset...bcoz im the last one who know bout this sad news! emm..but i accept all dis..done with thats story!
move to another story..last few days i got a scary news!!!! and bad news too!! band 5 are compulsory to continue in law degree!! what the fish!! i dont think so i can get either band 4 too..arggh! feel more stress n more tension with thet news! emm..but adlin was ask sir zul bout this news..n sir zul said that it was wrong..well...what is wrong n what is right?? hisshh!!
ok..fine!! but what i set in my mind is!! u can do it eina!! we move in gossip mood..i already activated my fb account..BIG STALKER!! haha...hehe...act i realise that someone want to attract everyone in my class...what the!! but im just see n long *** can be like that...huh! alrite i think i want to make a move rite now..i have many assigment to do..well..take care..and love u alls!! assalamualaikum..

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